June is an amazing and extremely knowledgeable trainer.  I have worked with a lot of trainers and she is by far the best!  She knows just how far to push you, but still keep you safe.  After three hip surgeries, I was weak, out of shape and terrified of blowing out my new hip.  Junes knew just what I needed.  She made me strong again.      Pam B.

June is a constant source of support from a physical aspect as well as on a personal level as she supports me in healthy positive mental ways that keep me motivated and if I am ever down, she brightens my day.  She is professional and genuinely care about me.  She is always interested in any concerns I may have.  In a kind way, she always pushes me to reach my goals.   Tania C.

June has been an inspiration to me both physically and mentally.  Her style of training lifts your soul and pushes you when you are wanting to give up.  She is an amazing trainer.  She has always been full of life encouragement.  She helps you find the motivation within yourself.  Christy T.

Email:   june@foreverfitwithjune.com
Phone:  (702) 533-7090​
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada USA



June has made a significant difference in my life.  Foregoing workouts for 20+ years, I joined a gym and inquired about personal training.  I was introduced to June.  June is a wonderful trainer based on her techniques, knowledge, insightful sensitivity to her clients' needs, and her motivational skills.  Under her mentoring, I have seen results quickly.  I love how she makes our workouts challenging and fun.  Lucky Me!!!   Linda B.

June has been an absolute delight to have an a personal trainer.  Her positive attitude and knowledge help me stay motivated.  I would definitely recommend June to anyone who is looking to achieve personal fitness goals.   Jantz L.

When June started working with me, I was 79 years old, over weight and out of shape!  I had had both hips replaced and a recent "new knee."  June knew exactly which exercises would benefit me without too much discomfort.  When I left Las Vegas a few months later, I had lost weight and inches and felt really good thanks to June's expert training.   Phyllis W.​​

June is such an amazing trainer! She creates such a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere while still challenging you to achieve your goals.  If you want results and that boost of confidence you have been looking for, she is the trainer you need.  Michael S.